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Why You Should Choose CBD Dent Above Other Toothpastes

When it comes to CBD Dent, we use nontoxic toothpaste containing: no parabens, no animal testing, no SLS/sulfates, BPA free, propylene glycol free, no artificial sweeteners, no preservatives, fluoride free, and gluten-free. How often do you read the other ingredients contained in top brand toothpastes?

Our signature toothpaste contains CBD( Cannabidiol), and CBG (cannabigerol).  CBD has been shown in various studies to reduce inflammation and pain. It also has been shown to have antibacterial properties. CBG could stimulate bone growth as well as have antibacterial properties. The possible benefits of cannabinoids should help reduce inflammation and bad bacteria that can cause gum disease.  CBG could stimulate bone growth to help with periodontal disease in some cases.

The Benefits

CBD toothpaste are known to prevent tooth pain and sensitivity. When brushing your teeth with CBD Dent toothpaste, you could decrease any inflammation on your gums. Additionally, it can leave your mouth not only fresh but it is consuming CBD as it goes under your tongue similar to tinctures. Our CBD Dent toothpaste can provide more benefits than your standard toothpaste because of the many wonders cannabinol provides, according to studies, such as antibacterial properties. Our toothpaste contains organic ingredients and does not contain fluoride!

Our company uses theobromine from the cocoa plant to help with tooth remineralization instead of fluoride. ( These statements are not approved by the FDA.)

Check out our Instagram @cbddent for more information on ingredients and possible benefits.