Ingredients and Benefits

All Ingredients Are Organic & Non-GMO

Avocado oil – loaded with prebiotic fiber which can help feed the good bacteria in your mouth.

  • Inhibits metalloproteinase (MMPs) which degrade collagen and other proteins in tissue.  These are produced in periodontal disease to help remove degrading tissue
  • studies have shown that avocado oil may help prevent certain oral cancers

Xylitol – Balances the PH of the mouth

  • stimulates saliva production
  • Makes saliva more alkaline which allows Calcium and Phosphate salts to move into weak enamel and help repair
  • Causes bacteria to slowly starve

Cocoa – cocoa contains theobromine which has shown significant remineralization in teeth in artificial decay tests

  • contains polyphenols that help inhibit bacterial growth.
  • Tannins prevent bacteria from sticking to the tooth’s surface
  • flavonoids inhibit plaque formation.

Clove oil – pain relieving effects from eugenol

  • reduces the number of bad bacteria that contribute to gum disease and tooth decay
  • eugenol and eugenyl acetate have been shown in various studies to inhibit tooth demineralization

Mint – Balance the PH of the mouth, creating an alkaline environment which reduces the acids that create tooth decay

  • Has natural antiseptic properties that inhibit bacteria.
  • Contains antioxidants which can help the body repair itself, prevent swelling of connective tissue and reduce bleeding.
  • Has essential vitamins and minerals that contribute to maintaining gum health and fortifying bone mass
  • Creates a fresh mouth feel.

Vitamin K2 – promotes healthy bones and teeth

Zinc – can prevent bacteria from producing sulfur gasses.

  • helps reduce plaque and bacteria
  • helps reduce demineralization and promote remineralization of enamel.

Coconut oil – antibacterial

  • Reduces plaque
  • Protects against yeast and fungal infections in the oral cavity

Trace minerals – promote overall tooth and tissue health

Calcium carbonate – promotes healthy bones and teeth

Alkaline water – helps balance the PH of the oral cavity

Baking Soda – removes plaque and biofilm

  • Removes stains and whitens teeth
  • Balances PH to a point that promotes remineralization
  • Helps soothe and heal sores in the mouth

CBD – studies have shown CBD can help reduce inflammation

  • May help relieve pain with tooth decay or infection
  • Has antibacterial properties

CBG – studies have shown CBG can help stimulate bone growth

  • Also helps with inflammation and pain